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  I got it Charles. Thanks for the heads up ! - Skip
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The Ghost Hunt for 1-21-2017

Due to illness.

Please read below

 Ghost Hunt
SATURDAY NIGHT - January 21st, 2017

Skip is sick with the Flu/Cold/Sinus
Sha'ron is sick with the same, but getting much better

Our host is sick with the same - and the three of us are in no shape to do a Ghost Hunt

We apologize, but we have no other option!

-- Please know that it will be rescheduled --

After the first Ghost Hunt at this building, the activity was definite, that the building was inhabited by a Ghost.

We have since tried to schedule this Ghost Hunt 5 times and our efforts were blocked by severe weather and storm. Now mass sickeness.

Skip says he will not give up!
There will be a ghost hunt at this new section of the building, and it will be soon. Probably in about two to three weeks.

1/18/2017 - Wednesday Evening - Psychic Showcase

(Wednesday Evening's in Fife)

Guest Speaker - LIVE - From MOUNT SHASTA - Kathy Lee
via Skype - on the big screen

Topic: Kathy will be providing her psychic and intuitive answers to your questions.
She will cover as many people as possible, in the audience.

@ The Poodle Dog Restaurant in Fife / Doors open at 5:30 PM - Program at 7 / $5.00 pp / Private readings before and after the program


1/19/2017 - Thursday Evening - Psychic Showcase
 (Thursday Evening's in Federal Way)

Guest Speaker - Sha'ron Leingang
Topic: The 4 Phases Of The Moon
Sha'ron will talk about the moon. She will explain more than you think you already know about it. Her information will dispel some rumors or myths and will verify others.

You will ge handouts to keep and take with you.
Find out why it affects you in certain ways and not others, and Sha'ron will explain how you can go through these monthly phases and use the effects of the moon to enhance your experiences and not have to deal with any of these effects on you again.

Thursday evenings holds a different format than we have on Wednesdays
Sha'ron usually doesn't announce the topic, but makes sure that when her presentation is more of a learning format, and a hands-on format for you
The topics are often excerpts from Skip & Sha'ron classes that they teach, called "Psychic 101"
What ever the topic, you always walk away with great information, and usually knowing that you have tried it for yourself
Sha'ron makes this an interactive, learning experience
So far, we've received very good reviews on our Thursday format
We'll guarantee you're going to like it!

@ Denny's on 320th Street / Doors open at 5:30 PM - Program at 7 / $5.00 pp / Private readings before and after the program


Friday Evening - 1/27/17
Talking To The Other Side" - With Sha'ron & Skip
(Usually the Last Friday Evening Of Every Month -  in Fife)

You get 3 full hours with Skip & Sha'ron. You are free to ask any questions you want to
and they will use their abilities to answer them for you.

You can also try to connect with those who have passed on.
Sha'ron & Skip will provide the contact they get with them, and deliver any messages for you.
Remember, those who have passed are never really gone, and are still with us.

In the "Board Room" - at The Poodle Dog Restaurant in Fife
Doors open at 6 PM - program  at 7 PM / $20 pp

Note: Due to the personal, sensitive and private nature of this evening - NO Recordings or Photos are allowed
Thank you for your understanding

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