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Ghost Hunt is Canceled for Tonight - 2-18-17
Rescheduled to 3-4-17

We have been to this place once before. While we visited, it seemed very active, as far as ghost hunts go.

We have now rescheduled this ghost hunt for the 9th time.
Every time we are to go there, something happens that requires that we cancel it.

So, we've rescheduled it again.
We are determined to go there, and nothing is going to stop us.
Eventually we will get in that building again!

Skip Leingang               
COMING EVENTS           
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Psychic Showcase - Wednesday Evenings in Fife - 7 PM

2/1/17 - Psychic Showcase - Speaker - Skip Leingang
2/8/17 - Psychic Showcase - Speaker - Skip Leingang
2/15/17 - Psychic Showcase - Speaker - Donna Seebo
2/22/17 - Psychic Showcase - Speaker - Vickie Lynn

Psychic Showcase - Thursday Evenings in Federal Way - 7 PM

2/2/17 - Psychic Showcase - Speaker - Skip Leingang / 4 Phases Of The Moon, it's effects on you, and how to use them to your advantage
2/9/17 - Psychic Showcase - Speaker - Sha'ron & Skip Leingang
2/16/17 - Psychic Showcase - Speaker - TBA
2/23/17 - Psychic Showcase - Speaker - TBA


2/18/17 - Ghost Hunt - in Tenino / (In a former Brothel, Doctors Office, Hotel, & Private Home)
           This hunt has been rescheduled 7 times now. There is something that is wanting us to NOT go there, but we are determined. - Join us!
        Our last Ghost Hunt was to this building, but in a different section of it, and was pretty active. Objects moving, people appearing in our pictures that weren't in the room with us, voices on the recorders, and some really weird feelings that people were having.

                                                                - Join us! It's a fun event and you learn something.

2/24/17 - Friday Evening  / "Talking To The Other Side" - With Sha'ron & Skip

                                                       (The Last Friday Evening Of Every Month -  in Fife)

                                             You get 3 full hours with Skip & Sha'ron. You are free to ask any questions you want to ask, and Sha'ron & Skip will use their abilities to answer them for you.

                                             Sha'ron & Skip will also connect with those who have passed on.
                                             Sha'ron & Skip will provide the contact they get with them, and deliver any messages for you.
                                              Remember, those who have passed are never really gone, and are always with us.

                                                     In the "Board Room" - at The Poodle Dog Restaurant in Fife
                                                          Doors open at 6 PM - program  at 7 PM / $20 pp

                 Note: Due to the Sensitive, personal and private nature of this evening, NO recording or photo's are allowed.

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