(click on the speaker name to read a small paragraph about the content of their talk)


1-3-18 / William Tuma - "Astrology Cleveland"

1-10-18 /Julia Yesner Weiss- "MUFON & Alien Contact"

1-17-18 / Donna Seebo - Topic To Be Announced

1-24-18 / Jill Dell - "Hypnotherapy" - (with a live demonstration with the audience)

1-31-18 / Doug Johnson and Sha'ron & Skip Leingang -

               Review Your Predictions From 2017"


               "Take Your Predictions For 2018"


2-7-18 /  Doug Johnston - "Living Spiritually"

2-14-18 / Donna Seebo

2-21-18 / Rick Olson - "The Quantum Pharmacist" & "The Syntropy Zone"

2-28-18 / Samantha Ellen Ritchie - All NEW MATERIAL -- PROOF of

               "Bigfoot, Fairies, Sprites, and Hidden Peoples Of The Forest"

March 2018

3-3-18 (Afternoon) / SHES MINISTRY ORDINATION (Call 253-335-3340 for more information)

3-3-18 / "Talking To The Other Side"(Click here for more info)

3-7-18 / William Tuma / "Astrology Cleveland" / FREE ASTROLOGY READINGS (for as many people in the audience as he can do)                         -- William needs your birth date, the place, and if you have it - the time.

3-14-18 / Donna Seebo

3-21-18 / Doug Johnson "Conscious Awareness"

3-28-18 / Stephanie Gerard - SRT (Soul Mates, DNA Structure,Theta)

3-31-18 - Special Event - Michiko Hayashi

                                              (In Person - From Japan)

   "The Emoto Peace Project" & "Dr. Masaru Emoto's Work"-

                                                         "THE SPECIAL PROPERTIES OF WATER"

April 2018

4-4-18 / To Be Announced - 

4-11-18 / To Be Announced -

4-18-18 / Donna Seebo -

4-25-18 / To be Announced -

May 2018

5-2-18 / To Be Announced -
5-9-18 / To Be Announced -
5-16-18 / To be Announced -

5-23-18 / To be Announced -

5-30-18 / To be Announced -

June 2018

6-6-18 / To Be Announced -
6-13-18 / To Be Announced -
6-20-18 / To be Announced -
6-27-18 / To be Announced -

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Real Psychic Readings



Is Listed Below

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Every Psychic Showcase is an opportunity for you to learn about the Metaphysical and explore the Paranormal

    Schedule for the evening:

  •     The doors open at 6 PM - The Program starts at 7 PM
  •     You are free to come and get your seat, have dinner, desserts and refreshments, before, during, or after the program.
  •     You are also able to order your dinner and desserts from the menu, before, during, or after the event.
  •     Have a private reading with one of our Psychics, Astrologers, or Palmistry Masters before the program begins, or after the Program ends
  •     The program starts at 7 PM
  •     Introductions and some Housekeeping
  •     The Speaker presents for approximately 30 minutes
  •     There is always a Door Prize, and a chance for you to win the money that is in "The Money Box"
  •     Sha'ron gives away a Door Prize each week
  •     3 persons in the audience get a chance to use their psychic ability and draw a key for the                           "MONEY IN THE BOX". If you pick the correct key, you win all the money in the box. It grows by $10 each week until it it won, or if it gets to $500.
  •     We all tune in with our intuitive side and guess at "WHAT'S IN THE BOX"
  •     Then we do a weekly Prayer and send energy to whom ever we put on the Prayer List
  •     The Panel does the FREE PSYCHOMETRY READINGS for everyone in the audience
  •     Have a private reading with one of our Psychics, Astrologers, or Palmistry Masters before the program begins, or after the program ends


    Sha'ron & Skip believe that these are normal, everyday  experiences, that we should not fear

    but that we should understand them, and use this knowledge to our benefit, in our personal lives.

    At each Showcase, we have a speaker, a different topic, and something new for you to experience and learn about.

    We make our events fun, there is always a lot of laughter,  learning experiences, and you get to spend time with "like-minded" people,

    who have a desire to know more, understand it and use this information to move forward in their life.



Located at - The Poodle Dog Restaurant
1522 54th Ave. E.
Fife, WA. 98424

EVERY Wednesday Evening -

Different Speakers / Different Topics

Real Psychic Readings