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Internationally Known - Radio and Television Personality

 Michiko Hayashi


"The Emoto Peace Project"

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             "The Hidden Messages In Water"


Dr. Masaru Emoto's Work

"What Is The EMOTO PEACE Project"

It’s the project that Masaru Emoto launched in hope that this planet earth will be peaceful forever, where everyone can live happily. The peace project goal is to educate the truth of water to children all around the world by distributing picture book of THE MESSAGE FROM WATER to children for free so that the entire world will be a sustainable, beautiful, and peaceful place, in the future.

Activities of Emoto Peace Project

Provide education in conjunction with the importance of water, good thoughts and attitude to children and people around children in the world

Organize events and seminars with the purpose to educate the importance of water and good thoughts and attitude in places around the world

Research and development related to water, and support and provide information on their results

Sell products such as books, CDs, DVDs, and other products to educate people about the importance of water, good thoughts and attitude

Through more than 20 years of research on water

Masaru Emoto discovered the followings

There are crystals in water molecules when you freeze water and observe it with a microscope.

The forms of crystals depend on the information that water receives from outside such as words, music, thoughts, prayers, and so on.
Water makes beautiful crystals upon receiving positive information, on the other hand, the crystals are ugly when receiving negative information.
The word “Thank you” has a good energy, and the word “You fool” has a bad energy. Ignoring is denying its existence and gives the worst effect.

Michiko Hayashi


After decades of serving as Dr. Emoto's personal assistant, and being directly involved with his work, Michiko now serves as the Global Director and Ambassador of “EMOTO PEACE PROJECT” Non-Profit Organization

Since March, 2004, she worked as an administrative personal assistant to Masaru Emoto who was the researcher and missionary of water as well as author of world best-seller “The Message from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, “The True Power of Water”, etc.
Registered, with Masaru Emoto, Non-Profit Organization EMOTO PEACE PROJECT in Japan in order to make the earth a harmonious and peaceful place based on “Love and Gratitude” by educating people, especially children, the truth of water by distributing 650 million copies of the


to all children around the world.

Michiko Succeeded the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT from Masaru Emoto when he passed away in October, 2014 and continues to work for peace on earth with

“The Message from Water” as the Ambassador of the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT.

Michiko gives presentations and seminars in English and Spanish around the world on Dr. Emoto’s revolutionary discovery on water which is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. In her presentation, she shows many water crystals that Dr. Emoto used to use in his presentations and speak to people’s heart that water shows in its crystal that “Love and Gratitude” is the most beautiful energy which can make the whole world a peaceful place.

Michiko lives in Japan



Michiko Hayashi


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