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Different Speakers / Different Topics

To introduce Susan,she describes herself as a modern mystic.

She is an Usui and Imara Reiki Master, Akashic Adventurer and Soul Healer.

Susan went through a “near-birth” experience through Reiki in 2011 that put her long-squelched psychic gifts back online all at once! After a lot of crazy-making experiences with her psychic sensitivities and unpleasant spirit beings, Susan applied both her logical mind and newfound mystical abilities to powering up her Presence, opening her intuitive gifts, honing her healing skills, and embarking on her real work as a Medicine Woman for the soul.

From her intensive studies of the work of Doreen Virtue, Dolores Cannon, and Michael Newton, plus her personal training with sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman, renowned energy healer Cyndi Dale, and Akashic Record scholar Dr. Linda Howe, Susan developed her unique soul reading and healing practices.  Akashic Record readings are the cornerstone of Susan's profound spiritual healing work with clients worldwide.

Susan has been a featured guest on such radio shows as The Paranormal MD, Paranormal Mojo, So You Think You're Awake, and most recently The Dr. Pat Show, exploring the mysteries of reality beyond the ordinary. Her engaging, interactive workshops have amazed and delighted audiences in both Chicagoland and Seattle, and her co-authored book, Are You the Missing Piece?, featuring her essay on the Divine Dark, achieved #1 International Bestseller on Amazon. Susan also makes frequent appearances at area psychic fairs, where visitors regularly say “WOW” after one of her Spirit-powered sessions in the Akashic Records and with healing Sacred Sound.

Susan's website is www.susansinclair.org


Every Psychic Showcase is an opportunity for you to learn about the Metaphysical and explore the Paranormal

    Schedule for the evening:

    The doors open at 6 PM - The Program starts at 7 PM

    You are free to come and get your seat, have dinner, desserts and refreshments, before, during, or after the program

    Have a private reading with one of our Psychics, Astrologers, or Palmistry Masters before the program begins, or after the Program ends

    The program starts at 7 PM

    Introductions and some Housekeeping

    The Speaker presents for approximately 30 minutes

    Sha'ron gives away a Door Prize each week

    Someone in the audience get a chance to use their psychic ability and draw a key for the  "MONEY IN THE BOX"

    We all tune in with our intuitive side and guess at "WHAT'S IN THE BOX"

    Then we do a weekly Prayer and send energy to whom ever we put on the Prayer List

    The Panel does the FREE PSYCHOMETRY READINGS for everyone in the audience

    Have a private reading with one of our Psychics, Astrologers, or Palmistry Masters before the program begins, or after the program ends

    There is always a Door Prize, and a chance for you to win the money that is in "The Money Box"

    Sha'ron & Skip believe that these are normal, everyday  experiences, that we should not fear

    but that we should understand them, and use this knowledge to our benefit, in our personal lives.

    At each Showcase, we have a speaker, a different topic, and something new for you to experience and learn about.

    We make our events fun, there is always a lot of laughter,  learning experiences, and you get to spend time with "like-minded" people,

    who have a desire to know more, understand it and use this information to move forward in their life.


-- Coming Speakers --


11-22 / Tom West - Angelic Energy Art

11-29 / SAMANTHA ELLEN RITCHIE - "The Hidden World of the Forest Peoples"


12-6 / Susan V Sinclair - "The Akashic Records"

12-13 / TBA


12-27 / TBA


1-3-18 / WILLIAM TUMA - Cleveland Astrology

1-10-18 / TBA

1-17-18 / TBA

1-24-18 / TBA

1-30-17 / TBA

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Wednesday, 12-13-17

Guest Speaker:

Topic: "To be Announced"

We're currently waiting for a confirmation on our speaker for this week.

We'll post it, as soon as we are able to.

Thanks for your interest.

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