Things To Know About our Ghost Hunts ---

What we do on the night of a Ghost Hunt ......

Sha'ron and Skip

YOU --

1. Get all your gear ready, (Camera, Flashlight, Recorder), dress accordingly, whether it's an indoor or an outdoor Ghost Hunt

2. Meet at the assigned place. Dinner will be available if you wish to join us, or you can just meet at the assigned place at the time we leave, as described below


1. No one will know ahead of time, where we are going to, you will only be told the distance away from the Poodle Dog Restaurant in fife, only to give you an idea of what vicinity we will be in

2. Skip will email a paper to all attendees, with the location of where we meet, on the morning of the Ghost Hunt

3. We will meet at a restaurant in the vicinity of where we are going to. We enjoy a dinner before we go

4. We meet at the restaurant at 7 PM. We enjoy a dinner before we go. It is your choice whether on not you decide to eat with us

5. At 8:45, Skip will give us a brief history of the location, and pass out driving directions to the exact location. We all leave at the same time

5. We leave the restaurant at 9 PM, and drive to the location of the Ghost Hunt

6. When we arrive at the location, please park and meet at the entrance of front door of the location - DO NOT GO IN -- wait for the entire group to arrive

7. We all hold hands in a circle, and say our protection prayer

8. Double check your flashlights, cameras, and recorders

9. We all proceed into the location and you are free to wander around, experience things, and enjoy the evening.

10. Skip & Sha'ron will always be available, so just call out and find us

11. When the Ghost Hunt is over, we all leave at the same time. We gather outside where we said our protection prayer. We form a circle again and perform another protection prayer


If you wish to join us, we always go to a Denny's or a similar restaurant and had coffee and pie. You are free to join us. We talk about anything that happened and some people look at their pictures too. Skip & Sha'ron will tell you where we are going

If you choose to do so, you can give your audio recordings and pictures to Skip. He will look at them and listen to them, and identify any anomalies that you captured. All originals will be returned to you.


- MANDATORY - (Without these, you will not be allowed to attend)

   - All attendees MUST bring the following things

1. A "small" flashlight (not very bright)

2. Wear shoes or boots. No Crocs, sandals, or flip flops, etc, and wear sox

3. Bring a folding lawn chair to sit on, if it is an outdoor Ghost Hunt

4. Some extra batteries for your electronic devices

5. A jacket/coat

6. All attendees MUST sign a Psychic Spectrum, "Release Form", prior to going into the Ghost Hunt

7. No one under 18 allowed unless you are the legal guardian/parent and it is cleared with The Psychic Spectrum ahead of time. (Before the Ghost Hunt)

8. Do not just "show up" at the Ghost Hunt with unregistered guests/family/friends, expecting them to attend. ALL ATTENDEES must be preregistered. If you have unexpected visitors, please call us before you bring them, at 253-335-3340. The reason is that most Ghost Hunt venues, only allow a certain number of attendees at their location, and we have to respect their rules/requirements

- STRONGLY RECOMMENDED - (Some Ghost Hunts are out doors)

  - All attendees should bring the following -

1. A blanket to cover up with if it is an outdoor event

2. Mosquito/bug repellent(A box of dryer sheets also work really well, without the chemicals)

3. A camera of some type. Any type will work, even a cell phone, but you should not plan on using a flash on the camera, as it wrecks the picture taking for others

4. An audio recording device. Any kind will work, but we recommend a digital recorder as it can be uploaded into a computer for analysis, much easier

5. Be considerate of those who have passed on, and understand that some don't know that they have passed on, or don't know that they can go into the light

6. Feel free to talk with them and tell then to go into the light, and that they have family there waiting for them.

Sha'ron &

Skip's Book

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Things To Know About our Ghost Hunts ---


1. Click on the link below, and complete the registration form

2. Click on the Ghost Hunt(s) you are interested in attending

3. YOU MUST fill it out completely, or we will not be able to email you with the information, or call you in case of any change in plans at the last minute

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Things To Know About our Ghost Hunts ---


1. Our Ghost Hunts are FREE, for you to attend

2. We take our Ghost Hunts very seriously, and your actions should reflect this

3. If you think this will be a party, you should reconsider attending

4. If you think this will be fun, and a great experience, you are correct

5. Some Ghost Hunts are open to all who sign up to attend. Some Ghost Hunts must be limited in attendance, so those who attend will be chosen by lottery

5. We have rules for all who attend, they are listed below, please read them

6. If you have any questions, if you are apprehensive and not sure, or if you just want more information, please feel free to contact us using the "Contact Us" tab above, or call us at 253-335-3340.