The Book Is Called

Skip & Sha'ron's book is unique in 3 different ways, follow along here and you'll see why......

Their book aims to serve 3 purposes, and that is what makes it unique among other books that were written about Ghosts, Death, and things that go bump in the night

When writing their book, it was decided that there has to be a purpose behind it, other than just writing a book. So they figured out that they wanted their book to perform the same objective that results in everything they do for / with people

That objective is to teach people not to fear the things that have been made to appear as taboo or that which we are not to know anything about. Things that we were told, or were conditioned to never give those things any thought. We were told that these things we bad, and from an early age on, we were conditioned to not want to explore and learn about them.

How many times have you experiences Deja' vue?

How many times have you known that the phone was going to ring

How many times after it was ringing, you knew who was calling?

How many stories have you heard about people who had a premonition and never got on that fateful airplane ride?

What about when one of your own loved ones passed on, and you felt their presence around you, or have seen proof that they were still playing a role in your life and exerting protection around you?

You cannot dismiss these things as if they don't exist.

Because they do, and the sooner you learn about them, the better equipped you will be when it is your time to cross over and hopefully "hit the ground running", once you get there.

So here are the 3 things that are unique in Sha'ron and Skip's book .......

1. The book starts out passing on decades of experience, on how to conduct a
Ghost Hunt. It tells you what you need to know about what to bring with you, how to protect yourselves, and what to do before, during, and after the ghost Hunt

2. Skip and Sha'ron have picked out several Ghost Hunts and have included them in this book. They describe the ghost hunt thoroughly, and they include pictures of each Ghost Hunt. You read about a step by step experience on the Ghost Hunt.

3. Then, as no other Ghost Hunting Book has ever done before, they include a CD in the back of each book, that lets you hear the actual Ghost Voices that they captured on their recorders. After reading what was happening n the ghost hunt, The book tells toy to stop and play the track number associated with it, and you hear what the Ghosts were saying to us.

The feedback from our readers has been really wonderful, and so many of them have thanked Skip & Sha'ron for presenting this in an educational format.

"We Hear And Speak To Dead People"

For decades, Sha'ron & Skip have made a commitment to educate people about the Metaphysical,

the Paranormal, and the unexplained, which so many of us are taught to fear and never talk about or explore and learn about

It all started when they decided to organize a Ghost Hunt and let people experience it for themselves 

Over the many years since then, they've conducted over a hundred Ghost Hunts, and have written a book about it